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About Us

Bittu Bangle I used to ask myself every time why this shop, which seems to be almost full during festivals and marriage seasons in sector 22, possesses the name “Bittu Bangle & Art Jewellery ” and why not a stylish name like Banglevista or BangleDeck. Well I got this answer after many years, when I interviewed Bittu alias Mr. Inderjit Singh, the only man to get strong recognition in bangle designing. Bittu Bangles is the name given to Bittu by his satisfied customers because his brand very soon reached a stage where two words ’Bittu' and 'Bangles ’ became complimentary to each other. Whenever people used to talk about bangles, it was always the ones bought from Bittu and whenever Bittu was discussed, it was always due to his designed bangles. Marriages are incomplete till the time we do not talk about fashion, traditions and customs. This man whose story 1 covered understood the basic desire of women i. e. to look beautiful and different from their counterparts. His basic idea of making a woman look appealing and attractive in functions, marriages, fashion shows, parties got complete when he came up with the idea of fashionable mix n match bangles. Mr. Inderjit Singh, a graduate analyzed his idea and started his business in the year 1985. His brother owned a general store in which during his childhood he used to help him sell cosmetic and beauty items. While away from home in a hostel, he developed a passion of doing something new and creative. Merely at the age of I 9, when most of us are involved in mumbo-jumbo sort of activities, this young lad was soaking himself with revolutionary yet creative business ideas.
“I did nothing, just analyzed the beautiful fashion sense of the Tricity people and modernized my bangles according to their desire using my creative instincts with the changing trends and need. If your heart is sincere, almighty will definitely recognize you and will deliver his blessings in a subtle way. As marriage is a traditional activity carrying a feeling extremely close to heart; my range of contemporary bangles fuse with the bride's attire creating a more graceful outlook Truly Inderjit is a very kind hearted, generous and an optimistic personality. He strongly believes in ’JOY OF GIVING’ and states that “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give Today his clientele is spread all across the world, as even the NR1 ’s love being traditional when it comes to marriage.
He gets many franchise order enquiries but would only associate with like minded people who love their tradition, culture and are equally creative. Very soon he plans to open up stores in Canada and United Kingdom..